Reading/Spelling Apps for Android and Apple

Here are some spelling games to do at home to practice and prepare for the spelling test each week. These are all free/lite versions you can download. 


Spelling Test Free Students/ parents can add the spelling list each week and record them saying the word. For practice, students can do practice spelling tests. They will play the word and the students will type it in and it will tell you at the end if they are correct.

Spelling Free- This site does the same as listed above. Personal preference on which one to use.

Spelling Monster Free- This is a fun app that had three different games to choose from on the lite version and many more if you decide to buy it. Enter in their spelling words and let them pick the game to play. Very fun and different from the things we do in the classroom. 

Android (Play Store)

Spelling Test Free Same as Apple's app.

Spelling Monster Free- Same as Apple's app.