Math App links for Android and Apple

These are all free/lite versions of apps that will help students work at home on math.

Apple (iTunes)

Virtual Manipulatives-!/id471341079?mt=8-- This allows students to work at home on fractions, decimals, and percent.

FlashToPass- This had addtion, subtraction, multiplication, and division flashcards with different levels (easy to hard) and it is timed. 

MyMathApp- This had addtion, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well with a timer just not leveled from easy to hard.

Multiplication Genius- This has the times tables as well as practice of multiplication.\

Splash Math- Most parents are aware of this app but it is fun and easy for the students to use. 

Android (Play Store)

Mathris- This game is like Tetris but with a twist. Students can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division before they play. Students must then align each equation or number with another equation or number and it will disappear. This game is fun and addictive. 

Brain Training Math Workout (picture of a head with multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division) - This app had many different kinds of activities depending on what students were up to doing. It challenges them. 

Math Flashcards (2 flashcards on it, second app down)- This app allows students to practice while the app also provides the answer. This is done at their own pace.