MGEVS Seeks RFQ for Phase 2



Public Announcement of Contract for Professional Design Services
The Mt. Gilead Exempted Village School District intends to contract for architectural services
for facility improvements including but not limited to: New Stadium Field House (including
restrooms), New Transportation/Maintenance Garage. Included in this scope; structural
design, HVAC, envelope, electrical, plumbing, ADA, security and related components.
Architectural firms interested in being considered for a contract to provide the required
services should reply with a statement of qualifications no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday
October 7, 2022. Statements received after this deadline will not be considered.
Statements of qualifications should include information regarding the following evaluation
1. Firm background and history
2. Team member qualifications and experience
3. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design expertise related to renovation
4. School renovation expertise
5. Sustainability expertise
6. Quality of bid and construction documents
7. Estimating expertise and ability to meet budgets on public projects
8. Construction administration expertise and follow-up commitment
9. Previous experience with Mt. Gilead Exempted Village Schools
10. References
Statements of qualifications should be transmitted to Tina Gabler, Treasurer, Mt. Gilead
Exempted Village School District, 145 North Cherry Street, Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338
As required by Ohio Revised Code 153.65-71, responding firms will be evaluated and ranked
in order of their qualifications. Following this evaluation, the Mt. Gilead Exempted Village
School District will enter into contract negotiations with the most highly qualified firm.
The preliminary project description is as follows:
Name of Project: Mt. Gilead Exempted Village School District Facility Improvements
Locations and project budgets: Mt. Gilead High School Stadium and Transportation Garage,
338 Park Avenue, Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338 ($4m)
Description: This project includes HVAC, envelope, electrical, plumbing, ADA, security and
related improvements. Design services required of the Professional Design firm include,
architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology design. Other service
expected include bidding and construction administration assistance related to a General
Contractor or Construction Manager at Risk construction delivery model.
Project Schedule: Design is expected to begin October 2022 and continue through with
phases and phase one design completed by March 2023. Construction is expected to
proceed in phases and begin Spring 2023. All construction is to be completed by September

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