Tomorrow Center


April Family Literacy Night

When: Wednesday April 9th  (5:30 to 6:30)

Where: School Library (park on East side runs beside County Rd 9)

Who: Entire family

What: Read aloud, pizza, door prize, and we always do a project!


Teens Benefit From Reading Out Loud

You may think of reading aloud as something you do for a preschooler. But your teen can benefit from it, too.

Consider reading aloud to each other from a story or article of interest to him. Or get an audio book from your library. Listening to it could inspire your teen to read it for himself.

Morning Crew (Extended Time)


What:   Before school reading and math extension time


Who: All students attending the Tomorrow Center


Where: In the cafeteria 6:45am-7:20am Monday-Thursday(during school week)


Why: extra time to work on skills


The Tomorrow Center respects and reveres individuality while reaching towards each child’s unique potential. Our purpose is to build a strong academic and social foundation for all students enabling them to communicate and contribute effectively and responsible within their community. We have several new programs implemented: Fast Math, Read 180,  Scholastics Math, After school Enrichment, family literature nights, and Study Island. Each program is designed to assist and increase student learning. 





Literacy today
OAA testing in April Read all about it!

An essay test gives your child a chance to show that he has mastered material and can present it in a well-organized, clearly written manner.

Here are some tips to help your child on the next essay test:

  • Make an outline before answering the question.
  • Ask if spelling and grammar will be graded.
  • Write neatly.
  • If time is running out, include at least an outline or a brief answer. You may get partial credit.

More testing tips

  • Start with the easiest questions first. Getting them right can boost confidence and grades. Mark the hard questions and go back to them last.


  • Look for clue words. Sometimes one word will give away the answer. Also clues may be found in other test questions.


  • DonÂ’t spend too much time on any one question.


  • Save time to look over the test. Were the instructions followed? Are the answers neat and correct?


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