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Food Service

Trevor Gummere


(School Lunch & Fees)

Pay for It Now Instructions


With the software crash we experienced in October 2013, we have installed a new cafeteria system.  Esber Cash Register, a Canton, Ohio Company, is our new software system for students and staff.   The system is up and running as of January 9, 2014.  If you have any questions, please email Trevor Gummere or Mindy Delp. 


Breakfast is provided at each school builidng cafeteria prior to the beginning of the school day. Each breakfast meal must include: 8 ounces of fluid milk, 1 cup of fruit or vegetable and 2 servings of grain/bread or meat (or meat alternative) one ounce each, or 1 grain/bread serving and 1 ounce of meat or cheese.

Breakfast $1.50
Reduced Breakfast $0.30
Elementary Lunch $2.55
Middle School Lunch $2.80
High School Lunch $2.80
Reduced Lunch $0.40

Adult/Employee Lunch $4.00




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