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Program Services

Intensive Day Treatment Program

Central Ohio Mental Health has served the Central Ohio community for over 50 years and is dedicated to the assurance of a healthier future for all of their patients through caring, professional service. Central Ohio Mental Health is committed to the mental health of all those in need and to the continued spread of education and understanding of the importance of mental health in the community.

Substance Abuse & Recovery Program

Recovery & Prevention Resources is a community-based not-for-profit agency serving Delaware and Morrow counties. They are committed to the prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol and other drug issues and problems.

Credit Recovery

Students who are credit deficient may elect to enroll in our credit recovery program.  Students in this program may choose to do the customary book work or may choose to do an online curriculum NovaNet.

Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy

These services are offered to students whose Inidividual Education Plan have addressed the specific needs. If you suspect your child may need these services please call the TC office to begin the referral process.
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