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5th Graders study recycling. High School JOG students mentor 5th graders. 5th graders create 9/11  timelines. CBI Students take leadership/team building retreat. HS XC teams take 1st place at the Watkins Memorial Invitational. School Bus Safety Demonstration Mrs. Gregory's 1st Grade class creates a classroom constitution. FFA competes in District Soils Competition.  Mrs. Logan facilitates an activity to utilize the Dewey Decimal System. 7th grade Science students receive help from "Buckeye" while learning about  heredity. MGHS Band performs at the Morrow County Fair. Middle School Bands and Choirs attended OSU's 21st Annual Music Celebration Concert. Middles Schoolers take an incentive field trip to Heartland Conference Center. Participants in The MG Running Camp Middle School Science Field Trip



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